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Kiley Davila

I am so impressed with this chandelier! It arrived earlier than expected and was easy to install. The design is elegant and it adds a touch of glamour to my living room.

Zoey Bray

This chandelier exceeded my expectations! The crystals are dazzling and the light it emits is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. Amazing value for the price.

Wilson Kim

I am absolutely captivated by this contemporary-style chandelier! Its sleek design and warm glow have elevated my living space to a whole new level. The interplay of light and modern elements creates a mesmerizing ambiance that never fails to impress.

Dakota Berg

This chandelier is a true masterpiece. Its innovative design and high-quality materials add a touch of modern elegance to my living space. The soft, ambient light creates an inviting atmosphere that complements any occasion.


I ordered a chandelier, there were no reviews, but I liked it very much. First came a parcel, in which there were only plafons. All to one whole, well packed in a special foam with a cell for each ceiling and film. I lost track and wrote to the seller, it turned out he sent 2 parcels. Just the Russian Post about the second parcel forgot to tell me. In the second parcel were all metal parts.
The chandelier was super. Plafons are large, with a palm, beautiful. In the photo-we began to collect a chandelier. Plafons 40 pieces. They are not black, but smoky dark gray.
In the center there is a metal ball, in which pins with threads are screwed, which are twisted on the plug. In the plafons themselves there are no bulbs, they are inserted into individual cartridges, which are already in the ball. Lapmochki the seller also sent. Gloves are attached for assembly. But there are no instructions. Metal parts are also not black, but graphite colors. I'm very pleased, looks super. Thank you

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